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The Union of Academic Museum Employees in Finland

The union is for employees working in the museum branch. It handles bargaining and profession related matters for its members. The union was founded in 1969. We have approximately 1700 members working in public or private museums. The Museum Union is an affiliate in Akava through the Akava Special Branches.

Member benefits

As an Akava Special Branches member the Museum Union helps its members with contracts, negotiations and collective agreements. We give legal assistance and offer possibility to join an unemployment fund. All members have the right to vacation support (A-lomat) as well as bonuses on leisure time, accident and travel insurances.


The Museum Union's main issue is to handle salary, bargaining and other interests in the museum branch. The union keeps an eye on the salary development for museums, gives statements at request and takes part in education and development for the professional museum employees. Our aim is to make the museum branch well known and highly appreciated among people. The union gives regular information on important labour and museom related questions. Members have the right to attend the union's education.

The union board consists of a chairman, a vice chairman and 6 members. The board is elected at the members' meeting every autumn. One hired person is in charge of member assitance at the office.

How to become a member?

Everyone with a profession in the museum branch or studying for the profession can apply for membership in the Museum Union. The board gives its approval on the basis of applications. Application forms are available in the office of Akava Special Branches or from the Museum Union.

Member fee

The member fee is 1,3 percent of your salary and covers the union work, the Akava Special Branches work and membership in an unemployment fund. The member fee is deductible in taxation.


Contact info

Executive Director Katariina Mäkelä
+358 40 7747 620


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